The world is full of yummy and tasty food, one of these is the famous South Indian staple – Dosa. It is such a versatile dish, which can be enjoyed in many ways just with a slight change in its condiments, stuffing or base flour. So, if you are already a fan of these wafer-like crepes, then these tasty and healthy dosas will make your tongue roll in for more.

1. Rawa Dosa


You must have tried plain or masala dosa many times, but this Rawa Dosa is a healthy option. These thin wafer dosas are a popular breakfast dish in South India, made from sooji or semolina. With Tops instant Rawa dosa mix, it can be prepared instantly right at home within minutes.

2. Soya Dosa


Craving for a yummy dish but cannot enjoy it due to your strict diet plans. Well, this soy milk and wheat flour made soya dosa is perfect to give you the much-needed energy. Along with suiting your diet plans, it also provides fibers and keeps your untimely cravings for foods in control.

3. Neer Dosa


This thin, crisp dosa is a traditional delicacy from Karnataka that is made from a runny rice batter. Moreover, this dish gets prepared quickly as its batter requires less time for soaking and fermentation. A must try simple dosa recipe!

4. Pizza Dosa


The parents often get worried when it comes to feeding their kids? Well, this pizza dosa is a healthy yet yummy dish made from idli dosa batter that can be prepared at home. Use the toppings that your child loves like tomato, capsicum, paneer, corns, etc., which will also add a colorful appeal to your dish. Sprinkle some cheese over it and your kids’ special pizza dosa is ready.

5. Pesarattu


This Andhra Pradesh authentic recipe will make your day. It is a nutritious dosa recipe prepared from green gram. So, savor the yummy taste of this dosa. It is the best way to feed your child with the goodness of lentils.

6. Ragi Wheat Dosa


Ragi flour is rich in calcium, so why not turn this flour into a delicious dosa. Yes, you can! With this yummy yet healthy ragi wheat dosa, get ready for a daily dose of calcium.

7. Noodles Dosa


Do you love noodles? Do your kids crave for them? Now, turn their favorite recipe into a tempting dosa right at home. Prepare it easily by topping your dosa with the deliciously cooked noodles. For an add-on taste, sprinkle some cheese over it.

8. Mysore Masala Dosa


If you are a spice lover, then this fiery red chutney lathered crisp dosa stuffed with masala aloo is just perfect for your taste. So, get ready for a tempting treat at home.

9. Curd Dosa


Do you have leftover rice? Now don’t worry and prepare yummy curd dosas with them. Mix raw rice and prepared rice together with curd for an exciting new taste of dosa. It’s healthy and will leave you asking for more.

10. Kuttu Dosa


Want a tasty feast while fasting? Yes, now you can keep fasts without any worries with kuttu dosa. This can be prepared using buckwheat flour (kuttu) and for filling use either aloo, arbi or other veggies that can be eaten during fasts.

Well, accompany these awesome dosa recipes with Sambar and various kinds of authentic chutneys for a yummy treat at home for everyone.

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