Nowadays, everyone wants to stay fit and healthy. And to achieve this, you do everything that’s possible. Doing a hardcore workout at the gym, giving up to your favourite desserts, and counting calories every time you eat. Moreover, you must have stopped eating outside on the believe that the outside food is not healthy. Well, we are here to solve all your myths and to help you stay healthy even while enjoying outside at a restaurant.

So, keep your boring food aside and pay a visit to these amazing food joints in Delhi that only serves healthy food. Now, you will don’t need to count calories while eating out. Check out these:

1. Getafix Café

location Greater Kailash, New Delhi

Do you often come back home with guilt that you have eaten junk food or outside food that was not good for your health? Now, live life with a guilt-free indulgence by eating delicious foods you like and that’s good for your body too. They serve pizzas, burgers, pastas, various signature dishes like air-fried fish and chips, quinoa burger and a vast range of smoothies and juices. The great thing is that their bread is made in-house, meat, sauces ingredients and juices all are freshly prepared without addition of sugars. Thus, enjoy food that’s yummy and healthy. Make a visit to Getafix Café in Greater Kailash (GK) 1.

2. Lanche

location Pitampura, New Delhi

Isn’t it amazing, if you can get simplified food with a tempting taste right to your doorstep? Lanche makes it possible. Its menu includes simple day to date food but with a mesmerizing taste and ingredients that are fresh and healthy. Some of its loved dishes are bread poha, fruit delite sandwich, macroni shine salad, fresh and refreshing drinks, Makai kumbh jalfrezi tikka roll and much more. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and order tempting and healthy food from Lanche in Pitampura.

3. Hwealthcafe

location Defence Colony, New Delhi

Do you think eating out is unhealthy, then pay a visit to Hwealthcafe. Now, eat with a purpose as you don’t need to put extra time in the gym after eating at this place because all their food is full of nutrition and health. They serve food that’s less on calories and big on flavour. Their wonderful menu includes dishes like Basil Pesto Grilled Chicken with Olives Meal Platter, Green Salad A L’orange, Hummus N Farm, Super Protein Shakes and Smoothies, Ragi/ Maduwa/ Buckwheat Crepes With Citrus- Treacle, Decaffeinated Coffee and much more. Make a visit to this café in Defence Colony.

4. Freshler

location Gurgaon, New Delhi

Get fresh, healthy and delicious food right to your doorstep with Freshler. They keep the freshness of the food intact and gives you healthy food that your body deserves. They have an exciting menu to choose from that includes juicy burgers, mojitos, smoothies, refreshing salads, fulfilling sandwiches and much more. Moreover, you can customize the order as per your choice and can also schedule delivery for up to next 2 days. Isn’t it amazing as now you can satisfy your yummy food craving with a healthy food? Get home delivery from this joint in Gurgaon.

5. Healthy Routes

location Connaught Place, New Delhi

Have you ever thought the junk food can be healthier too? Yes, now healthy meals are yummy with Healthy Routes. They have reintroduced the junk food items that are low-fat and healthy such as burgers, wraps, desserts, shakes, pizzas, etc. They have a wide menu to place an order from that includes appetizing dishes like veg quinoa salad, mushroom cappuccino soup, chicken eggs, banana pancakes, dry fruit muesli, healthy baked nachos, watermelon re-hydrator and much more. What makes this food outlet special is that their food is without preservatives, cooked in 100% extra virgin olive oil, gluten free breads, and no fried dishes. Visit or make a call at this amazing place at Connaught Place.

Well, go the healthy way of living along with eating your favourite junk food, desserts, and shakes, right in the heart of your city – Delhi.

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