Feeding your kids is the toughest task as they are a slow eater and very fussy with their food. Packing the same and old boring lunch every day will make them get full lunch box back home. So, think creatively if you want your child to eat nutritious food for their overall growth.
Understand their eating habits and present the food in such a way that your little star can’t resist eating it.

Well, the small kids crave for junk food and making them eat nutritious food is quite challenging. Thus, why not try some healthy lunch box recipes that are delicious too, which surprises them every day and increases their appetite. Here we go:

#1 Yummy Oats Idli


Make your child relish the goodness of oats, veggies, and lentils packed in a delicious form of idli. By this way, your child will enjoy its yummy lunch along with a good health without knowing anything.

#2 Healthy Multigrain Pizza


Junk food is a love of kids, especially the pizza. So, go the healthy way by making the base from oats, whole wheat flour, nutrient-dense seeds, and maize flour. Top it up with veggies like mushrooms and the ones that your child likes. You can even hide the nutritious veggies that he didn’t.

#3 Quick Bread Poha


Brown bread is packed with the nutrition of whole wheat flour; so better go with it. Cook chunks of bread with nutritious veggies like green peas, corns, cauliflower, peanuts, etc. along with light masalas for a delightful treat.

#4 Exciting Moong Dal Chila


Want to feed your child with a good amount of proteins? Try this recipe! It is a great way to make your child healthy along with enjoying its lunch. Top up this moong dal chila with mushrooms, potatoes, paneer, etc. to make it more interesting.

#5 Lentil and Mushroom Burgers


Who said that burgers can only be unhealthy? Make them nutritious by making patties out of mushrooms, lentils, paneer and so on and placing it between the whole wheat buns.

#6 Quick Egg Fried Rice


Have shortage of time, but still want to pack amazing lunch for your child? Quickly make egg fried rice that gets ready within 15-20 minutes and is fully packed with the goodness of rice, egg, and veggies.

#7 Rapid Noodles


Add mushrooms, peanuts, cauliflower and other nutritious veggies into instant noodles to prepare a dish that’s light and tempting to eat. It’s also power-packed with energy for a full day boost.

Well, isn’t it great if you can fulfill the food choices of your child that too by not going the unhealthy way? So, make your child lunch boxes alluring, enjoyable yet healthy with these quick recipes.

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