Mango is the king of fruits. Right from a small child to an old person, everybody is fond of mangoes and enjoys its yummy taste and flavor. It is not just a fruit; as it is fully packed with the goodness of nutrients, antioxidants, minerals, etc. Not just this, mango is the National Fruit of India and people make the best use of it in the form of various food items.

Moreover, you’ll find a jar of mango pickle at every Indian home, irrespective of different states and cultures. In addition, you can make dozens of delicious items right from ice creams, sweet chutney, jams, smoothies, milkshakes, juices, and various other desserts and savory items.

So, here are some interesting and cool fundas about our favorite fruit – MANGO:


Losing weight is now a countrywide issue, where more or less everybody wants to lose weight. And if for that you are staying away the yummy mangoes, then stop it. Mangoes are diet friendly, as they are rich in fibers and 83% of it has water, thus keeps you fuller with a need to eat less. Moreover, it has natural sugar, which keeps your craving for sugary foods at bay.


Do you find it difficult to choose the right mango? Don’t go by its color, try squeeze test. Check its firmness with a gentle squeeze, the ripened mango will be softer. Moreover, you can even judge it through its fruity smell.


This single fruit has a religious significance in our Indian culture. Mango is a symbol of love and signifies friendship. Moreover, its fruit and leaves are ritually used in weddings, religious ceremonies, and public celebrations as decoration. Fresh mango leaves are hanged outside the home during Deepavali, Ponggol and when a child is born. It signifies joy and brings blessing to home.


Mango doesn’t just have a national importance in India, but it is also the national fruit of Philippines and Pakistan. Whereas, it is the national tree of Bangladesh.


Mango comes in wide variety, shape, color, and sizes. The popular varieties of Asian countries like India include Alphonso, Kesar, Dasheri, Chaunsa, Benishaan, etc. Whilst Tommy Atkins, Kent, Francis, Haden, Keitt and Ataulfo in US and UK.


Interestingly, mango tree never gets old and can still bear fruits even when its tree reaches 300 years of age.


Mangoes history is too interesting. From more than 4000 years, mangoes are being cultivated in India. This yummy fruit has delighted the senses of people since then and slowly their importance extended to other nations through Buddhist monks. Now, they are produced in almost all the tropical parts of the world. But, its taste and size have evolved with time.


Well, these are some pretty cool facts about our much loved and desired fruit Mango. But, beware mango leaves are toxic for cattle, so keep them away from grazing livestock. Some appetizing and mouth-watering products are prepared using mango, which you should give a try –
Tops Mango Jam, Tops Mango Pickle and Tops Mango Chutney.

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