Lemons though small but are rich in vitamin C and other nutrients, which makes them an important fruit available in every kitchen. As the summers are at their full zeal, so the use of lemons becomes a necessity. They are used in cooking and also to prepare yummy drinks due to their distinct flavor and other valuable properties. So, here are some of our fundas to buy and use lemon in the right way.


If you want to get the maximum juice out of a lemon, then use it at room temperature or when it’s warmer. For this, either keep it in a microwave for 20 seconds or put them in boiling water for 30 seconds, before squeezing. This tip will help in getting more juice, even without a squeezer.


If you want to store lemon for longer use, then here is a quick way. Squeeze lemons and freeze their juice in ice trays for overnight. Now, transfer these cubes into a plastic bag and freeze it again for long-term storage.


Need to buy the right lemons. Choose only the bright yellow color lemons having a shine and thin skin. Avoid green tinged lemons, they are more acidic and dull pale coloured ones produce less juice as they are over matured.


To minimize the loss of Vitamin C of lemons during cooking, try to add its juice in the end or when the dish is cooked.


Add lemon juice to the water while cooking rice to make them fluffier and non-sticky.


Need just a few drops of lemon and worries that whole of it will get wasted. Pork a toothpick into the lemon skin and use the small amount you need. Afterwards, insert the toothpick back into the lemon and refrigerate it in a sealed plastic bag.


Fresh cut fruits and vegetables often start browning after some time. This can be prevented by dipping them in a mixture of 1 tablespoon lemon juice in 1 cup of water or you can even directly brush them with its juice.

Well, these are some priceless fundas about lemons, which will help you in cooking and living a healthy life free of worries, as they detoxify your body too.

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