Gujarat is a city known for its warm welcome and unforgettable hospitality. The lavish lifestyle, exceptional food and dishes, picturesque landscapes and legends that still fascinates every tourist who visits this beautiful place are the golden charms of this place. The place is rich in its culture, historic capitals, fascinating handicrafts, entertaining festivals and not to forget its most loved and palatte-pleasing combination of sweet and sour flavoured food dishes. Once you relish the irresistible and aromatic Gujarati cuisines, you will want to have them again and again.

So, if you have been wanting to try some delectable and mouth-watering cuisines or have some guests coming at home, then nothing can be a better choice than Gujarati cuisine. Known to be one of the oldest culinary treasures of India and primarily vegetarian, it offers you a chance to try different kinds of pickles, farsans, chutneys, and foods that have high nutritional value. Bring out the food connoisseur in you and get set to use your cooking skills in a creative way by blending vegetables and mild spices with the real Gujarati essence.

Let’s have a look at the complete Gujarati meal.

1. Begin with ultimate Snacks


Well, there is nothing more enticing than well-made and appetizing snacks. And when it comes to Gujarati snacks, you cannot miss the most famous and loved Khandvi made with gram flour and tempered with coconut, mustard seeds, and curry leaves. To add to the list of snacks is the Gujarati Samosa, stuffed with a chunky filling of peas sautéed with sugar and lime juice, the ultimate Gujarati food, Dhokla and Handvo made with an aromatic mix of buttermilk, flour, coriander, chilies, lentils, and rice.

2. Relish your taste buds with a perfect Gujarati Meal


A well-served meal always make a way to your heart. Undhiyu, the Gujarati vegetable curry is healthy and made of veggies including brinjal, surti papdi, potatoes, coconut, bananas and methi. Gujarati Kadhi with a touch of sweetness, Bardoli Ki Khichdi made with dal, spices, peas, potatoes and raw mangoes, Methi ka Thepla, Dal Dhokli made with tuvar dal, garlic, peanuts, kokum and turmeric will make for a great Gujarati meal.

3. Make room for some delicious Gujarati Dessert


A meal is always incomplete without a dessert. You can go for Aam Shrikhand with Mango Salad made with Hung Curd, you can also give it a fruity makeover with the addition of fresh and juicy mangoes.

Let’s not compromise with your taste buds and plan an elaborate affair with the all-time Gujarati favourites!

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