India is a country famous for its rich and authentic food. Every region has its specific quality and taste that makes it unique and mouth-watering. And when it comes to different food types, one of the most loved is Maharashtrian cuisine. Just like the city, the food is also known to be hearty, spicy, yet comforting with lots of homegrown flavours. What makes this cuisine different and delightful? It is the essence of homemade spice mixes, granny’s special masala and heirloom recipes.

Every food lover must try a Maharashtrian cuisine at home made with all the authentic flavors and tastes. So, if you have been waiting to try a Maharashtrian dish at home, then here is the perfect 3 course meal, starting with appetizers, a wholesome main-course, and some homemade dessert options to soothe your taste buds.

1. Pamper your way with Appetizers


A delicious appetizer makes way for a great meal. Starting with the traditional Kothimbir Vadi, which is a crispy fritter made of coriander bound together with spices, and fried until crisp. It is made from coriander leaves and chickpea flour and you can serve it along with date tamarind chutney or green chutney. To add a healthy touch, you can also go for a salad along with it.

2. Eat out the Main Course


Well, it’s the Main-Course that steals the show and it has to be the best. If you want to go the healthy way, then go with this delectable and delicious Shepuchi Bhaji, which is a stir fry of tossed green vegetables served with Palak Raita. If you want to add some more options to your main course, then you can also add Bharleli Vangi, Aloo Bhujne to accompany with Dal Vangi and Maharashtrian Amti, which comes packed with spicy flavors of Goda Masala and taste great with Multigrain Thalipeeth or the traditional Masale Bhath. Add all these and a nutritious and healthy meal is ready.

3. Desserts


Finishing your meal on a sweet note depends on how great is the selection of your dessert. So, here are some festive, yet easy to make recipes. You can go for Shrikhand recipe, Doodanche Fov or Kesar Paneer Ki Kheer to end your meal with a sweet twist.

So, when you are planning to have a Maharashtrian soiree at your home? Don’t forget to make it a delightful gathering for all your guests with these amazing cuisine options.

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