“You earn your body”, is a true saying.
Today’s hectic lifestyle, responsibilities and demands, doesn’t leave you with enough time to look after yourself and your health. This has become one of the major reasons that many people of all ages and generations are becoming more prone to lifestyle diseases and illnesses that affect their health adversely. However, giving a healthy start to your day can keep you active and healthy all day long. And when it comes to giving a healthy start to your day, drinking warm water can play a crucial role.
From skin care, digestion to avoiding migraines, water has the power to fix all these problems. However, according to science and studies, the temperature of water also is a factor that makes it favorable and beneficial for your health. So, let’s have a look at the many benefits that drinking warm water early in the morning can bring to your body and health.

Explaining the importance of timing and quantity while drinking warm water
According to Ayurveda and ancient Chinese medicine drinking water is beneficial. One of the basic principles of Ayurveda is to consume a cup of warm water alongside your meals. In Japan, people have been following the ritual of “Water Cure”, which is to drink 4 glasses of every morning right after waking up, even before brushing your teeth and it should not be cold. Moving on to the quantity of water, it depends on the factors of age, activity levels, weather, and diet. In morning, 4 glasses of warm water on an empty stomach is the key to a healthy day. In the beginning, you can have 1 glass, then eventually make it 4.

Warm water and their health benefits

Stops Constipation

This is one of the most common issues faced by people across the world. Experts suggest that warm water is great for ‘internal’ cleansing and regulates bowel movement, which is important to avoid bloating, abdominal pain and discomfort and prevents constipation.

The natural secret of having a glowing skin

It is a natural detoxification therapy for your skin. It raises the temperature of your body and helps release toxins and gives you a great glowing skin.

Improve eating habits

Experts suggest that when you drink warm water the body of your temperature gets down, which in turn increases the metabolic system. It gives your brain the signal to have more food and stimulates hunger too.

Makes your Digestion system better

One of the main benefits of drinking warm water early in the morning is that it boosts kidney and liver functions. So, if you aim at having a healthy digestion system, then drinking warm water early in the morning is important for you as it break down food substances and thus aids digestion.

Gives a relief from congestion

Though many people go by avoiding cold water when it comes to curing a sore throat. But, drinking water is not only beneficial, but also helps clear out congestion and gives a soothing relief to an aching throat. Drinking warm water also prevents phlegm accumulation too.

A cure for menstrual cramps

When it comes to menstrual cramps they can be quite painful. So, to avoid period pain, girls often go for a warm water bottle pressed against their belly, but not many know that drinking warm water can also be a cure of it. Studies have revealed that drinking warm water increases blood circulation, which works as a pain-relieving mechanism.

Helps avoid Premature Ageing

The intake of warm water is known to remove toxins from the body through sweat, bowel movement and unclogged pores. And the presence of toxins in the body leads to premature ageing. So, if you want to avoid it, then start drinking warm water early in the morning.

So, these were the many benefits of drinking warm water. So, when are you starting to drinking warm water in the morning and start healthy living!

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