“It is Christmas in the heart that put Christmas in the air”, is a true saying. The season of merry is here and there is a spirit of joy and happiness all around. The enchanting Christmas stories, melodious carols, and the joy of giving makes this celebration more memorable and exciting. It is also that time of the year when you get together with your family and loved ones for having a great and fun time before the year ends and we move forward to new beginnings. From gifts, delightful cuisines to decorating your home in the spirit of the festival; all is the flavor of the month.

However, many people struggle with adorning their humble abode according to the theme of the festival. And many people struggle with managing time to go shopping and get items to decorate their home. So, if you are one of them, then do not worry anymore as we bring to your quick and easy DIY Christmas Home Décor tips.

1. A grand entrance


Welcoming your guests, friends or loved ones with a grand entrance sounds great. The traditional tales rhyme around adorning the front door of the house with wreaths and trees. So, you can take the wreath and decorate it with ribbons, sparklers, you can also cover it with designer cushion covers at your home or any other fabric you find suitable for this purpose. You can also add bells, snow, or red colored balls to complete your wreath. Along with wreath having a Christmas Tree will also be a great idea to spell the magic of Christmas at your home.

2. The tale of Garlands


Now this is the best time to add a dash of greenery at your place. Garlands are usually wrapped around the staircase or decked on the wall and doors. If your creative instincts are motivating you, then you can also wrap satin ribbon or fabric to give a unique look and for a winter touch you can also put snowflakes. And attach mini lights for completing the look of the Garland.

3.Hung up a Starry Sky


Now this one will be favourite of everyone from kids to elders. For bringing home a starry sky this Christmas, all you have to do is make stars from paper, metal and wood in different sizes and then hung them with twine. They also give a look of three-dimensional gallery wall and the best part is that you can keep them throughout the winters.

4. Deck the Walls


Whether, it is a bookshelf, fireplace, or any other object; the wall always seems to be occupied and because of which you can hardly decorate them. But, Christmas is one of the celebrations when you can adorn your walls by using hanging wreaths, stars, pot flowering bulbs, dangle treats (candy canes hooked with peppermints on loops of polka-dot ribbon), all this will add a charm to your wall.

5. Flaunt the Centerpiece


Let’s make the celebrations more centered now. A fine centerpiece will add glow to the entire home decorations. Starting with the shiny ball ornaments, they are not only limited to adorn trees, but can also be placed neatly in bowl full of greens or dress up a plain shining tray with the traditional candy dish and peppermint puffs along with lighting a few candles to complete your centerpiece.

6. Reuse old Wine Bottles


Now it’s time to get your creativity to the next level by taking out your old and unused Wine Bottles to make the first set of festive candlesticks. Remove the labels and replace with silvery wrapping paper and luxe ribbon before adding tapers. Let the magic of festive and glow of candles lights up your home this season.

So, get started with your Christmas Decorations at home and let the sweet magic of Christmas conspire to gladden your heart and fulfill every desire!

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