“There is no sincerer love than the love of food”, is the saying that every foodie abides by. Every food lover always yearns for trying unique and exquisite cuisines that can satiate their taste buds and add to a new cooking experience. The foodie inside you is always tempted to try new cuisines and dishes of different regions and specialties that also adds to a new and unique experience to their cooking diary. One of the food that every foodie wishes to try is different types of South Indian Vada.

Yes, not many even know that there are different types of Vadas’, which one can even try with different cuisines. So, if you ever thought that there is nothing more you can do with a Vada, then you are probably wrong. There are different and delectable versions of the Vadas’ that can be relished at breakfast, tea or coffee time and during festive feasts. So, let’s have a look at the different types of South Indian Vada to try.

1. Medu Vada


It is also known as Uddina Vade in Karnataka and is delicious when prepared with a batter that blends raw rice, boiled rice and urad dal. Usually it is served with Sambhar, chutneys and it is kept crisper and eaten with a chicken curry which is a minor variation in Andhra Pradesh.

2. Medu Vada – Soaked


It is popular in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The Mosari Vade are soaked in curd in Karnataka and are popular as Sambhar Vadai and Rasa Vadai in Tamil Nadu and are equally popular at restaurants and wedding feasts. The curd vada is soaked in a ‘tempered’ curd (with mustard seeds) and garnished with coriander (and occasionally with carrot). And it is different from Dahi Vada in North India.

3.Masala Vada


It is the favourite tea-time snack in Kerala (and is called Parippu Vada), which is crunchier than Medu Vada and is made with tur dal. It is found almost in every tea stall in Kerala and Tamil Nadu and doesn’t require any accompaniments. In Tamil Nadu, for extra goodness and to add flavor, spinach leaves or drumstick leaves are added to this type of Vada.

4. Maddur Vada


The name of this Vada is derived from the place Maddur, which comes between the drive from Bengaluru to Mysuru. This is made by blending rice, flour, rava and maida with finely chopped onion, curry leaves and grated coconut. This one is fried twice – first the ingredients are roasted before they are blended with water to make a soft dough and then deep fried till they turn golden brown.

5. Pepper Vada


This one is famous as a Prasad at many temples. Though the consistency required to make it, is a little tough to get it right. But the trick is to use just the right amount of water in the batter made with urad dal and pepper. It also has a longer shelf life than Maddur Vada.

6. Thavala Vadai


It is a popular cuisine in many parts of Southern Tamil Nadu including Chettinad and it brings together raw rice, boiled rice and four varieties of dal (such as Tur, chana, mung and urad). And adding to the taste is coconut, which can be felt in every bite.

So, which one are you trying first? All these types of South Indian Vada are a wonderful delight for your taste buds and health too!

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