The tangy taste of your favourite ketchup has always added a yummy flavour to your snacks, breakfast and even parathas. Not only that, we also have fond memories from our childhood of playing and being crafty with the Ketchup bottles once they are empty. Whether, it was keeping them as a collection, painting them or putting flowers into them; all of it added many moments of joy and happiness at that time. And as we grow, memories are the only thing we are left with and all the fun and frolic fades away.

But, with winters, festive season and a New Year coming up, we have many reasons to bring out the artist inside us. This is also a beautiful way to spend some fun time with our kids, younger siblings or cousins and revive the good old times. Here are some interesting and creative DIY Ketchup Bottle tips to try and have fun along with your kids.

DIY tips to reuse empty Ketchup Bottles

1. DIY Paint Container


Who doesn’t love to paint? It has been one of the most exciting parts of our childhood that we proudly flaunt to every guest and friend who visited our place back then. And once again, you have the chance to bring out your paint colors and place them in the ketchup bottle. You can give a little makeover to the bottle by covering it with colorful paper and painting them in a design theme. This can become one of the perfect ways of storing and using your acrylic paint and it will also keep the paint fresh as you can close the cap every time; keeping the paint fresh.

2. DIY Glue Bottle


You can use the empty ketchup bottles to store glue. This would also be a great way to tell your kids how to keep their things at one place. And when needed you can pour out the required amount into a bowl or dish and keeping rest of the glue fresh.

3.DIY Art Projects


Be it in school or art colleges, creativity and including innovative ideas in your artworks is a must these days. So, you can use the empty ketchup bottles to squirt paint on the canvas or on paper to make funny and creative designs.

4. DIY Bowling Pins


Now this one will be loved by every kid and bowling lover. It is a great way to add some excitement and bowling fun to your day at home. Have some fun by racking up and knocking down the plastic ketchup bottles as your bowling partner. And don’t forget to decorate the bottle before you begin to play.

So, which one will you be trying? DIY tips are always fun to do and with Ketchup bottles, get ready to add some moments of fun and happiness to your day!

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