“There is nothing like a cup of coffee”, is a true saying.
The love for coffee can never be described in words. The whiff of freshly grounded coffee can make anyone feel like heaven even in the most stressful situations and can spruce up your mind with the most creative ideas. Addiction of coffee for many is akin to breathing and their day seems to be incomplete without a fine and fresh cup of coffee. However, it is not just a cup of froth and sugar, the choice of coffee you make tells about your personality.

Yes, you got that right! Your choice of coffee does reflect some amazing traits about your personality and some secrets that even you might not know about yourself. So, all the coffee lovers get set to dig in some witty and interesting insights about your personality and nature.

1. Black Coffee


The name itself describes the flavor and vigour of this coffee. It is usually consumed without cream, milk or sugar and can make you smarter. And when it comes to the benefits, it is low in fat and calories and supplies a wealth of antioxidants that help protect your health. So, people who choose Black Coffee are known to be leaders. They know what they are doing, their likes and stick to them. Adding to that they are more hard working, minimalist, not materialistic, quiet, honest, and direct. So, Black Coffee lovers, do you agree?

2. Espresso


Well, Espresso is a coffee brewed by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans. The people drinking this beverage are as exquisite as its taste. They are always on the go, does not tolerate insufficiencies or failure, usually punctual, reliable, loyal, sticks to a schedule and the best part is they know themselves well.

3. Cappuccino


This one is almost everyone’s favourite. A traditional Italian coffee, prepared with double espresso, hot milk and steamed milk foam. So, the people who generally drink this coffee are artistic, creative, do not follow trends, imaginative and skilled. They also do like things to be precise and detail oriented. So, Cappuccino lovers; do you agree?

4. Latte


Latte is a coffee drink made with expresso and steamed milk and its literal meaning is “milk coffee”. So, if you love to drink Latte, then you are more youthful, comforting, pleasant, and friendly. Like the contemporary name and taste of this drink, Latte drinkers are more concerned about their appearance and aesthetics.

5. Frappuccino


It is a delicious sweet blended beverage with all the goodness of authentic coffee flavor. The people who prefer having this beverage are tend to live their life to the fullest and with a less controlling attitude, enjoy indulging in desserts and sweets more than usual.

6. Decaf Coffee


Decaf Coffee is the type of Coffee that has had all the caffeine content removed. Furthermore, it is also loaded with antioxidants that are known to have many health benefits. So, is Decaf Coffee is your choice, then you are light-hearted, less stressed, simple, mild, avoids controversy and arguments, and wants the best for their life.

Be it a Black Coffee, Latte, Frappuccino or Espresso, you just cannot have a day without coffee. So, what does your choice of coffee tells about you and do you think it is true?

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