1st April, commonly known as April Fools’ Day, all across the globe. This is one of the most amazing days of the year, when from kids to elders; everyone plans to play a prank on someone and make a fool out of them. On the other hand, everyone tries to be on their toes to not to become a fool, but a well-planned prank is all you need that day. So, as the day is coming up you are likely to search some innovative and funny ideas that can make your day a hilarious and memorable one.

Though, everything seems to be fair on this day, but it is not wise to destroy properties or hurt anyone on the name of this day. So, if you are up for an eventful April Fools’ Day, then here are some cool and funny pranks that you can play on anyone you like.

Funny April Fools’ Day Prank Ideas

1. Insect Lamps


Now this one can scare the hell out of anyone, especially if you were planning to get back on your sibling or your partner. All you have to do is take a cardboard, then draw the shape of a cockroach or insect using a permanent marker, then cut its place and paste it inside the lamp & then see the magic unfolding.

2. Attach an air horn to their seat


Now this one is for your favourite colleague in the office. If they are the one who tease you every day, then it’s your time to add some flavours of fun to your day. It will make them center of the office for that day at least. All you have to do is buy an air horn and tap it vertically under their chair just below the cushion and get set to catch their reaction.

3. Mouse Prank


So, if you want to share some laugh and fun that day, then this one is perfect for you. To make it happen, you have to place a tape on the back of the mouse with a simile on the back and a text that you always wanted to say them. Are you ready to roll on the floors after this one?

4. Paint soap with transparent Nail Polish


How about a fashionable bath? Yes, this one will give your victim the chance to have a refreshing April Fools’ Day bath.

5. Install an air horn as a door wall protector


If you want to have fun with your whole office, then this one can be a great option. If you have an air horn, then get the duct tape and place it on the ends of the horn to laugh your heart out throughout the day.

6. Bathroom is occupied


This is one is for the laugh gags and for fun too. There is nothing hilarious than to go inside an empty washroom. To pull off this one, you need to have jeans placed on the pot with shoes, as if someone is in a sitting position.

So, which prank will you be playing on this April Fools’ Day? Be it any of the above, let your funny bones tickle hard!

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