Across the world where superstition and myths can make an event, object, or thing lucky or unlucky; it is not difficult to guess that people would be following them blindly. From do not gift a knife to a friend, throw some salt to avoid bad luck to don’t talk about your bad dreams over the dinner-table; you might have heard at least one of them in your life. Believe it or not; but you simply cannot ignore them, especially when you hear them one of your ancestor saying it with a lot of concern and seriousness.

However, have you given it a thought that where does these superstitions came from? What do they exactly mean? Are they true or not? You may not get the complete truth out, but you can know, which one you would want to follow for a good marriage, to not be childless, to avoid bad luck, to fail in love or in worse anything else. So, let’s talk about these superstitions around food today…


Do you believe in luck? This is the first question that pops into the minds of many people when someone mention about luck. And when one have answered the first question in their mind, then strikes the second one, which is would you do or believe in anything for good luck? Well, no one wants anything bad to happen to them or their loved ones and there is no harm in following a superstition if it gives you the peace of mind. Now, let’s check out the superstitions that can bring good luck.

Wine and its magic

It is an Italian superstition that if you spill the wine and put some behind your ears, then it is an opportunity to bring some much-needed good luck.

Coffee Bubble & Predictions

Another Greek superstition that plays around the same theory is that if you are drinking Espresso, then before taking the first sip look out for bubbles in the mug, if they drift towards you it is a sign of wealth entering soon into your life.

Let the New Year be lucky

Now coming to the New Year, the Spanish trick is to eat twelve grapes within the twelve seconds as the clock strikes twelve. It is believed that by doing this it will bring good luck in the upcoming year.

Sugar & Curd

In India, people believe that having curd and sugar before taking a long journey or before appearing in exams or interviews brings good luck.


Well, anyone would do anything that can ward off Bad Luck from them and their loved ones’ lives.

Garlic for Bad Luck

Starting with Garlic, many use it to keep evil spirits and bad luck at bay as it is considered as a powerful deterrent against evilness.

A cross on the Bread

This one is the baker’s tradition to keep the devil from ruining or cursing the bread by putting a cross on top of most of the buns.

Never give a knife to a friend

To keep your friendship live longer, you should never gift a knife to your friend as it can bring bad luck. It is believed that the gifted knife will cut the friendship.

The game of Chopsticks

If you are a Chinese lover, then you have to be careful while using chopsticks. It is said that one should not put it upright in the rice bowl as it resembles incense sticks at a funeral, which implies death and obviously, no one wants that…

Eggs & Egg Shells

The superstition attached with Eggs is that it symbolizes with fertility and to bring forth an abundant crop farmers would scatter the broken eggs all over the field. Another one attached to eggs is if you chance upon the rare double-yolk egg it means that someone in the family will have twins.

Don’t spill the Milk

Milk is something that is a part of everyone’s life. But, there are superstitions attached with it which is never give someone milk after it is dark because it is believed that this reduces milk in the cattle. And another one is that spilling milk is also considered as a bad omen.

Lemon and Chilli

Well, this one is an old tale, as Lemon and Chilli are tied together at the door of houses and shops to ward off the evil eye. Also, a whole lemon placed in a glass of water is said to observe negative energies at workplace.

So, which one do you believe the most or will be following? Believe it or not, these superstitions have been a part of various cultures since time immemorial. So, next time if you face any of these situations just remember what you have to do…

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