Salt Air, Cool Breeze & Adventure defines the beauty of Goa perfectly. Known as the Tourist Paradise, the place is home to people across the globe during the year end. The destination is the hot choice at this time of the year because of sun, sand, beach, and most importantly, delectable food. One of the reasons that tourists flock to this state is because of the authentic Goan food. The food here is known to be unique from the food of different regions and it is mainly because of the rich and diverse cultural heritage of this place. The paradise is popular for assortment of flavours and nuts including beef, pork, coconut, jaggery, cashew and an endless variety of seafood.
The food of this place adds to the magical experience along with the beaches and party culture. So, if you are planning to or are already in the land of parties and beaches, then don't miss to indulge your taste buds into the authentic and scrumptious Goan food. To make your job easier, we bring to you the best and must try Goan cuisines to ring in the New Year with great taste and flavours.

1. Pickled Tea-Leaf Salad


A dish that has a story becomes more special and delightful. And this one has ancient roots associated with it. This cuisine is an ancient symbol of peace between warring kingdoms and is of Burmese national. The delightful salad has won many hearts because of its authentic taste and flavours. It is a great starter when it comes to order one of the things for your meal. People prefer to take it with dried shrimp and fish sauce. Oh, yes, there is vegetarian option also available. So, pick what you prefer, but don't miss on this great taste.

2. Tuna Teriyaki


This is the heaven of taste for Tuna lovers. The cuisine is made with two slabs of Tuna that is big enough to satiate taste buds and any appetite (accompanied with rice, miso soup and salad). Along with it, you can also order Sakana's Teriyaki that borders on sashimi. Adding to that, if the Tuna is bought freshest and best in the market, then the taste, texture and beauty of the dish just win over hearts.

3. Prawn Rava Fry


This cuisine is all about full-flavour seafood and no frills. So, when it comes to describing this one, the Rava-Fry coating is one of the most satisfying among all as the prawns are invariably large and juicy, and the spicy combination of the two is mouth-watering. And to add some more taste, you can try out some feni or kings beer on the side.

4. Royale Pizza


This savoury cuisine is taken from the French legacy and is certain that the knowledge and expertise has been passed on to the next generation. If you want to try one of their best, then go for the ham and mushroom Royale.

5. Puri Bhaji


Now a stop at Panaji and you cannot miss on the famous and appetizing Puri Bhaji, which is their crowning glory. The dish has an almost creamy texture, delicately spiced without heaviness and oil and the puri is always hot and fluffy. So, the twist given to this cuisine is remarkable, which makes it just out of the world.

6. Indo-Portuguese Lunch


Now, this one is a perfect lunch meal served at the restored mansion and is one of the best you can have in Goa. The pumpkin pie and prawn croquettes are one of the perfects elements of a great and memorable lunch to be served for a long and satisfying afternoon.

7. Beef Chilly Fry


While returning from Pernem (far North Goa) beaches, you must stopover and try this famous and succulent dish. This beef chilli fry cart provides punchy, rustic food for every day. It is full of power and you must have tried many chilli fries, but this one is the most consistent and friendly.

So, are you ready to make your Goa trip a promising., memorable and foodilicious one? Dip in your taste buds with the authentic Goan cuisine and have a food-tastic New Year!

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