“Let food be thy Medicine and medicine be thy Food” is a fact well known. The healthy you eat, the fit you seem. You may eat considering it to be a necessity, but to eat wisely is an art. And now when you are living in a generation when having a six-pack ab has become a trend, only sweating out in gym is not your only solution to rely upon. Apart from working out, having the perfect diet and food is mandatory.

Here below we’ve got the hack for you. These are 5 simple steps to be followed and six super foods that will turn you into a Superman.

1. Your Step 1 is to Burn the Fat…


Broccoli– One healthiest vegetable if I were to say. It’s a low-calorie food drenched with fibre which shall make you feel full and at the same time help you lose weight.
Other foods in this category are: Cinnamon, cheddar, Sweet Potatoes, Mushrooms, and Apples.

2. Step 2 is to Boost your Metabolism …


Green Tea– Green Tea is the new Pepsi of this generation. Every person who is diet conscious these days is opting for green tea. It definitely is a magic liquid which would improve your metabolism tremendously. It contains molecules called catechins and has thermogenic properties.
Other foods in this category are: Chilli Peppers, Blueberries, and Grapefruit.

3. Step 3 is to Eat Meat for Protein…


Chicken– Yummy in tummy and yet no gainyy!! Chicken will add taste to your otherwise bland taste and at the same time is the richest source of protein. Most of us confuse Pulses as the richest sources of Proteins but many dieticians today refuse completely to have Pulses as a part of our meals.
Other foods in this category are: Pork, Lamb, Turkey, Beef, Duck.

4. Step 4 is to Cycle your Protein …


One must have a varied pattern of proteins in the diet. Sticking to one won’t prove any beneficial. Below are two alternate foods to add proteins in your diet:
Eggs– Perfect food item for your breakfast, snacking and evening meals. Always opt for nuts or eggs for your snacking in between meals.
Peanuts– If eaten in the right amount, they are perfect for your taste buds and health and of course your Abs.
Other foods in this category are: Tuna, Parmesan, Pumpkin Seeds, Eggs, Peanuts, and Soy Beans.

5. Step 5 is the most important of all and that is Reduce Stress…


Oranges– They are full of Vitamin C and shall help you reduce the stress hormones in your blood. Any type of stress shall determine your health, so keep your oranges a part and parcel of your daily routine.
Other foods in this category are: Walnuts, Oats, Salmon, and Milk.

Hope these hacks for your six pack abs prove beneficial and soon you’re ready to go to beach all shirtless!!

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