Karva Chauth is the most awaited festivals by women across the country. The festival is a tradition followed by newly-weds, brides-to-be, married women with full warmth and admiration. The fast is observed on the fourth day of the dark fortnight of Ashwin, which is also called Kartik according to some calendars. On this day, women keep fast for the long and healthy life of their husbands. The day reflects the joys and splendor of being married by following the rituals and customs which makes the day all the more special. The exciting customs includes applying henna on hands, wearing beautiful jewellery, marital attire, and the traditional Sargi.


What is Sargi?
Sargi is an important part of the Pre-Dawn meal and is the traditional meal that a Mother-in-law gives her Daughter-in-law for the dawn-to-dusk fast. It is the essence of Karva Chauth and should be consumed before the sunrise, as the fast starts before sunrise and ends only after worshipping the moon at night. During this process the mother-in-law also blesses her daughter-in-law with the blessings of ‘Sada Suhagan Raho’ which means ‘may you always enjoy a blissful married life’.


What does Sargi includes?
Sargi is a collection of delightful and healthy foods. Usually, it comprises of mathri (salty fried snack), mithai (sweet) and kaju-kishmish aur badaam (dry fruits). Apart from that it also includes Indian bread, cooked vegetables, paranthas or halwa also. Eating fruits and foods made up of whole wheat or multi-grains will keep you healthy and active throughout the day. Firstly, women eat, sweet made from dish pheni or milk, which emphasizes on the fact that your day starts on a sweet and positive note, after this coconut and main course meal is served. This tradition is also followed by the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law together if they are living at the same place.


Tips to make Sargi

  • Fruits are the way to go. You can include lots of fruits in the Sargi, which will keep you fresh and energetic all day.
  • According to the tradition it is auspicious to include dry fruits as a part of your Sargi.
  • You should refrain from eating oily and fried foods like paranthas and pakoras in the early morning as they can make you feel lethargic and dizzy throughout the day. Instead it is wise to eat multigrain chapatti with vegetables or paneer.
  • Also, you should drink a lot of water, fresh juice, milk, buttermilk or green tea to stay hydrated during the day and should avoid drinking coffee or tea as they can dehydrate you during the day.

So, begin your day with a sweet and positive note with a healthy and scrumptious Sargi and add many memorable moments to your Karva Chauth celebrations!

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